Tube Axial Fan

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General Date
Frame / Housing Aluminum Die Casting
Impeller Plastic PBT PC, Nylon or Metal
Bearing System Ball Bearing or Sleeve Bearing
Motor Shaded Pole or Capacitor Induction
Connection Lead Wire or Terminal Type
Protection Impedance Protection or Terminal Protection
Insulation Resistance Above 100MΩ, DC500V
Dielectric Withstand Voltage AC1500V (50/60Hz) One Minute
Operating Temperature Ball Bearing: -40°C - 70°C
Sleeve Bearing: -20°C - 70°C
Life Expectancy Ball Bearing: Over 40,000 Hrs (At 40°C)
Sleeve Bearing: Over 15,000 Hrs (At 40°C)
Safety Approval UL, CUL, CSA, VDE, CE, TUV
Description of Model No

1. UF
2. Size
12: 120 x 120mm
13: 127 x 127mm
92: 92 x 92mm
80: 80 x 80mm
15: 150 x 172mm
17: 172 x 172mm
25: 254 x 254mm
60: 60 x 60mm
16: 160 x 160mm
18: 180 x 180mm
3. Thickness
A: 38mm
B: 25mm
D: 30mm
G: 89mm
K: 55mm
P: 51mm
F: 62mm
J: 90mm
H: 107mm
4. Special Design
C: Capacitor Induction Motor
R: Reverse Air
M: Metal Impeller
CR: Capacitor Induction Motor + Reverse Air
MR: Metal Impeller + Reverse Air
E: Without Frame
A: 3 Phases
5. Input Voltage
11: 115V
23: 230V
10: 100V
20: 200V
6. Bearing
B: Ball
S: Sleeve
7. Electronic Connection
T: Terminal Type
W: Lead Wire
8. Speed
H: High
M: Medium
L: Low
9. Feature
N: IP-55
V: IP-54
D: Stator Painted

Special or custom design are welcome. For example follow:
* Dual voltage type of 115V / 230V. * Dual speed type or multiple speed type. * special voltage type, like AC24V, 48V, 380V. * Hall sensor type.